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Our Seismic Retrofit Grant Program

We have a free grant program to help you cover the costs of your seismic retrofit.

Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program (EBB)

EBB is an incentive program that offers seismic retrofit grants of up to $3,000 to qualified homeowners with eligible houses in a select number of higher-earthquake-risk ZIP Codes.

ZIP Codes chosen for program participation follow these two criteria:

  1. Earthquake Hazard: Hazard was identified using the United States Geological Survey (USGS) earthquake hazard map for California.
  2. Earthquake Vulnerability: Vulnerability was represented by identifying the percentage of pre-1940 houses in ZIP Codes in California (US Census Data). Older houses are more likely to require earthquake bracing and bolting.

EBB may include other ZIP Codes in a city to allow for efficiency for contractors and building departments, thereby making more homeowners eligible for a grant.

Over time EBB hopes to include more high hazard areas in California with additional funding from a variety of sources.

You may be eligible for an EBB program grant if your house:

  • Is built before 1980 (but qualifying houses are more prevalent before 1940);
  • Has a raised continuous perimeter concrete foundation;
  • Sits on level ground or a low-slope; and
  • Has wood-framed walls (called cripple walls) in the crawl space under the first floor.

Learn more about EBB’s retrofit grant eligibility requirements, program rules, and registration at EBB’s website.

Supplemental Grant for Low-Income Homeowners

In addition to the funding described above, EBB is offering a supplemental grant to help low-income homeowners complete a seismic retrofit.

In order to qualify for this Supplemental Grant, homeowners must:

  • Meet the EBB qualification requirements listed above,
  • Be accepted into the program, and
  • Be able to verify that your household annual income is $72,080 or less.

Supplemental grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants, until grant funds run out. Grant recipients may need to pay income tax on the money they are granted.

The Supplemental Grant will provide most eligible homeowners grants that may cover up to 100% of their retrofit costs. The amount received will be based on:

  • Whether your home needs a bolt-only retrofit or a brace and bolt retrofit, and
  • Whether you live in Northern or Southern California (the grant amount will be higher or lower depending on the average cost of completing your needed retrofit in your area).

Learn more about grant amounts, how to apply for the low-income grant, and the process for receiving the grant, on EBB's Supplemental Grant For Low-Income Homeowners page.

Other Ways to Pay for a Seismic Retrofit

Strengthening your home to make it more resistant against earthquake damage and loss is important. There are a number of sources of potential funding options out there.

Learn about other types of financial assistance to help you retrofit your home to make it stronger against earthquake damage.

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