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Janiele Maffei - CRMP Executive Director / CEA Chief Mitigation Officer

Janiele Maffei

CRMP Executive Director / CEA Chief Mitigation Officer
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Janiele Maffei has been the Executive Director of the California Residential Mitigation Program since its inception in August 2011. She is a registered structural engineer who has worked in the earthquake engineering industry for over 30 years. Her experience includes the design of new building structures and seismic strengthening of existing structures. Ms. Maffei earned her AB in Architecture and M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. She is responsible for planning and directing the statewide residential retrofit program; leading the processes of developing and promoting educational programs that stress the importance of mitigation; collaborating with academic institutions, and industries to promote and support mitigation research and activities; and other actions that promote seismic mitigation and support mitigation-related insurance-premium discounts for CEA policyholders.

801 K Street, Suite 1000
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (877) 232-4300

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