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Find a Contractor

Find a Contractor or Architect

In this Contractor Directory, you can search for a contractor by ZIP Code and distance from you, or by business name, contractor's name, or license number. All the contractors in this Directory have completed a special FEMA training for retrofitting the wood-framed, single-family houses and/or houses with living-space-over-garage earthquake vulnerabilities that qualify for CRMP retrofit grants.

Before Hiring a Contractor From this Directory:


Find a licensed Design Professional

If your contractor or the building department has informed you that your retrofit will require custom plans prepared by a design professional (an architect or engineer), you can use the Design Professional Directory to search for a qualified professional near you.

These directories are provided as a service and are not an endorsement or approval of any given contractor or design professional, and it is the homeowner's responsibility to confirm the contractor or design professional selected is currently licensed and in good standing in California.