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How to Register

You can register for the Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) and the Earthquake Soft-Story (ESS) programs when registration is open. Registration is offered for a limited time, at least once per year, for each program. To be notified about retrofit program updates, including when registration opens, sign up for our email list.

Register Online

Registering for the EBB and ESS residential seismic retrofit programs is an easy online process.

The ESS Registration Process

  • When the registration period for the program you're interested in is open, go to that program's registration page.
  • Answer a list of qualifying questions, such as: What is your ZIP Code? and What year was your house built? You can preview qualification questions for each program here:
    • EBB Qualification Questions
    • ESS Qualification Questions

      Important! Be sure to completely and accurately answer the qualifying questions to make sure you are an eligible applicant and that your house qualifies. Homeowners are responsible for verifying the information is correct. Grants may not be paid for a completed retrofit if the house does not qualify.

  • If your house qualifies, complete and submit your registration form before registration closes (incomplete forms will not be accepted).
  • Having an issue or have questions when registering? No problem, just call Customer Service at (877) 232-4300.
  • As an accommodation to individuals that need to have a third-party representative complete their registration for them, your representative may complete and submit this Registration Authorization Form (PDF) with your registration.

Register By Mail

We encourage everyone to register online, but you can request a paper registration form from our Customer Service Center. If you are mailing a paper registration form, the form must be postmarked on or before the program's registration closing date.

If you are accepted into one of the CRMP residential retrofit programs, you will need to use a computer to access your online homeowner dashboard to submit information to CRMP and receive approval to proceed with your retrofit.

Selection and Notification Process

After registration closes, registered homeowners are randomly selected and “accepted” into the program via email notification. If you are not immediately accepted into the program, you will be placed on a waitlist.

If you are placed on a waitlist, please be patient. After the initial group of homeowners are accepted, additional homeowners are accepted off of the waitlist in the following months. While we can't guarantee program acceptance, if you are on a waitlist you will likely be accepted later.

Important! To remain eligible to receive an grant, you must not obtain a permit or begin retrofit construction work before being accepted into one of the programs. Doing so will render your retrofit work ineligible for a grant payment.