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The California Earthquake Authority

The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is a not-for-profit public instrumentality of the state of California that has two distinct roles: Since 1996, CEA has provided residential earthquake insurance while educating Californians about earthquake risk and helping them reduce their risk of earthquake losses through residential mitigation. Since 2019, CEA also has administered the Wildfire Fund, a catastrophe fund that provides a source of funding for payment of claims arising from a wildfire caused by any large electrical utility company that meets the legal requirements for participation in the fund.

CEA provides leadership to the CRMP Board, helped found CRMP in 2011, and continues to provide partial funding for CRMP's mitigation program, Earthquake Brace + Bolt.

  • Learn about earthquake risk: CEA risk education and loss mitigation programs joined with earthquake insurance protection help you prepare for and recover from damaging earthquakes.
  • Get a retrofit grant to strengthen your house: Earthquake Brace + Bolt helps qualifying homeowners lessen the potential for damage to their houses during an earthquake.
  • Consider CEA insurance: Get peace of mind from knowing you can afford to repair, rebuild, or replace your covered property damaged by an earthquake. 
  • Receive an insurance discount for strengthening your house: Policyholders with eligible older houses who have completed a seismic retrofit qualify for a premium discount of up to 25 percent discount on their CEA earthquake insurance policy.

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