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ESS Qualification Questions

When registering for the ESS program during open registration, you will need to answer the following questions.

Are you the owner of the house you wish to retrofit or if the house is held in Trust, are you the trustee, or if owned by an LLC, are you a member of the LLC?

Do you currently live in the house you wish to retrofit?

What year was your house built? Only homes built prior to 2000 will qualify for the program.

The program is being offered in select ZIP Codes only. Do you reside in one of the ESS ZIP Codes ?

Is your residence a townhouse, duplex or condo?

Is the house you wish to retrofit registered in National Register of Historic Places?

Is your house single-story or two-story?

Is this building comprised of five or more family dwelling units?

Is your house on a level or low-slope site?

I understand I will be required to submit a copy of my flood insurance policy and a signed, notarized and recorded form attesting that I will adhere to the FEMA requirements before any ESS incentive payment will be paid, if:

  • it is funded by a FEMA grant, and
  • I am in a Special Flood Hazard Area, and
  • my ESS grant is $5,000 or more.

Special Flood Hazard Conditions Form (fillable PDF)

Does any portion of your house have a wood-framed floor at the lowest level, with a crawl space below it?

Image: Crawl space. It is a wood-framed floor at the lowest level, with a crawl space below it

Does your house have a living-space that substantially extends over the garage? This can be a room or the entire house. Substantially means that the upper story extends over at least 75% of the depth of the garage area.

Is your house supported solely on poles and columns (known as lateral resistance) embedded in the ground?

Does your house have an existing qualifying retrofit of the living space over garage already in place?

Have you received an incentive payment for this house for a soft-story seismic retrofit from CEA, CRMP or any other entity?

Do you understand that retrofitting your house will not make it earthquake proof and that it could still be damaged in an earthquake?

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