EBB Participant Adam from Los Angeles, California

Adam's EBB Program Experience - Los Angeles, California

“I would like to voice how happy I am with the EBB program.”

Image: Adam - Los Angeles, CA - EBB Retrofit

Adam and his wife bought their Los Angeles home about three years ago. They loved their home, which was new to them and built in 1940. However, they knew the home had not been retrofitted to protect against earthquake damage.

“We wanted to do it—to retrofit our house. We got a few quotes but it turned out to be a substantial expense.”

While doing research about retrofits online, Adam found the Earthquake Brace + Bolt website.

"The EBB website was easy to navigate. I found the information and was able to register for the program with just a few clicks. I think your program is set up very well for people not familiar with working with contractors."

Adam is an architect and because of his profession, he understands the importance of a retrofit. He read about the EBB program and learned:

  • A qualifying homeowner can receive up to $3,000 toward a code-compliant retrofit.
  • EBB offers free seismic retrofit training from FEMA to licensed contractors.
  • Once trained, a contractor can choose to be listed on the EBB Contractor Directory.

After they were accepted into the EBB program, Adam and his wife made plans to get the necessary retrofit work done.

"We ended up choosing a contractor from the EBB Directory. My wife and I like supporting local businesses and we ended up hiring a local guy who had given us a bid earlier. We found him again on your directory and he was experienced in retrofit work."

They secured their contractor and followed the instructions on the EBB website to complete their project.

"As a homeowner it was a simple seamless process. Submitting the required photos and building permit online was easy. In general, retrofit work is below the surface so doesn’t disrupt your daily life."

Image: Crawl space before and after an EBB retrofit

Now Adam, his wife and their dog are able to relax and really enjoy their retrofitted Southern California home.

"We’re a lot more comfortable in our home. We have a dog and we’re happy we can leave her during the day knowing she will be protected in an earthquake. We feel safe."

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