EBB Retrofit Stories

Inspiring Earthquake Retrofitting Stories from California Homeowners

Earthquakes are a reality in California, and taking steps to protect your home is important. The Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) program has helped many homeowners throughout the state make their houses more earthquake-resistant. Here, you can find inspiring stories from real people who have participated in the EBB program and benefited from a seismic retrofit. Learning about the experiences of other homeowners can help you understand the value of earthquake retrofitting and prepare for future programs.

Image: Paige Oliver - EBB Participant

Paige Oliver

Burbank, CA

Paige's Story

Image: Jason and Cheryl Sew Hoy - Oakland, CA

The Sew Hoy's

Oakland, CA

Janon & Chery's Story

Image: EBB Participant Michael Ryan - Oakland, CA

Michael Ryan

Oakland, CA

Michael's Story

Image: Catherine from Hayward California was in the EBB Program


Hayward, CA

Catherine's Story

Image: Angela from Hayward, California - EBB


Hayward, CA

Angela's Story

Image: Penny the goldendoodle

The Wilson's

San Mateo, CA

The Wilson's Story

Image: EBB Participant David - Pasadena, CA


Pasadena, CA

David's Story

Image: EBB Participant's Adam and Katie - Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, CA

Adam's Story

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