EBB Participant David from Pasadena, CA

David's EBB program experience - Pasadena, California

"Thanks, EBB. My home is much safer now. EBB is an excellent program! Super easy for homeowners!"

Image: EBB Participant David - Pasadena, CA

David lives in Pasadena, California. Scientists say there is a 60 percent chance of a 6.7 magnitude or greater earthquake hitting the Los Angeles area in the next 30 years.[1]

Having lived in Florida during Hurricane Andrew, David experienced first-hand the devastation of a major natural disaster. Being prepared for an earthquake was a priority for him so he decided to retrofit his house. When he heard about EBB in a newsletter from his City Council-member, he decided to look into the program.

"I had no problem understanding how the program worked. It was well explained on the website. When I did have questions, I just called, and I got an immediate response. It was fantastic—an excellent experience."

David was able to get bids from three different contractors fairly quickly. The retrofit work on his house took one full day. David was at the house when the work was being done.

"It was amazing. I felt it. When they were done, I could literally feel the difference through the floor—it was solid where it wasn’t before."

EBB pays up to $3,000 for code-compliant retrofits to qualifying houses. The process includes submitting before and after pictures and specific documentation before payment is made.

Image: Crawl space before and after an EBB retrofit

"I was reimbursed within 11 days after I submitted my final paperwork and pictures. Follow up was super-fast. I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised, I should have expected it though because my experience from the beginning was so good."

David has some advice for others who may be considering an EBB retrofit.

"Retrofitting my home has definitely made me feel better about my own safety. And I'm happy knowing that I'm taking the steps needed to protect the home I love. I hope others will take advantage of retrofitting funded through this excellent program."

For more on the EBB program, go to EarthquakeBraceBolt.com.

[1] Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast (Version 3)

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