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EBB Participants Jason & Cheryl Sew Hoy from Oakland, CA

The Sew Hoy's Experience with the EBB Program (Oakland, California)


"We've lived in the Bay Area for a little over two years now. When we were going through the process of researching this house, we realized that it has an older-style foundation—which is particularly susceptible to earthquakes."


"And we started looking at resources and found Earthquake Brace + Bolt, and we were pretty happy to find out that there's a grant offering."


"So the grant process was really straightforward, We went on to the website and we put in our ZIP Code and a little bit of information about who we are."

"A little bit later we were pleased to find out that we were actually selected for the program."

"It took about three days for them to do our entire basement (which we thought was really quick). After the work had been completed the contractor notified Earthquake Brace + Bolt, and then Earthquake Brace + Bolt paid $3,000 directly to the contractor, which made things really easy for us."

"Go on to the website. The details are all there. The process is very straightforward."

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